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SYMPA/BIPART on International Congress of Belarusian Studies


We are happy to invite you to take part in the work of the panel “Public Administration in Belarus and in the World: current state and perspectives of development” which would take place within the frames of the IX International Congress of Belarusian Studies (

For those countries that entry the way of political and economic transformations, public administration is one of the most important spheres to be reformed. In Belarus the problems of public administration – high level of politization, absence of  separation of powers, as well as systems of checks and balances – become more and more obvious in the light of political crisis. However, instead of developing a reform strategy, the current government proposes strengthening disciplinary practices, toughening existing restrictions and even more politicizing the entire system of public administration, which cannot lead to its development and improvement. But sooner or later the real reforms will have to be carried out, and therefore it is relevant to discuss their prospects now. The panel offers to get acquainted both with current research, practices, problems and prospects in the field of public administration in Belarus, as well as with the experience of other countries regarding public administration reforms. Studies on the reform of both the entire public administration system and its individual spheres (civil service system, civic participation, budgetary policy, etc.) in countries that have recently passed or are continuing the path of transformation are especially welcomed. Comparison of the experience and practices of other countries with what is happening in Belarus will contribute to topical discussions and the development of possible recommendations for reform in our country.

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