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On Chisinau session of the School of Young Managers in Public Administration (SYMPA)



On the 13th – 17th of June 2012 the next study session of the School of Young Managers in Public Administration took place. The first time the event was held in Moldova, and it was concentrated on studying the results of reforms and decentralization in this country. Previously the sessions took place in Kiev, but taking into consideration the last tendencies of development of Ukraine the management of SYMPA has decided to change the place of study session.

The experience of Moldova in the issue of reforms is very interesting. The country went through a civil was in the 90s, the danger of collapse and serious crisis of identity. Until in Moldova there was one of the longest political crisis in the modern history of Europe.

Nowadays Moldova is the only republic of a classical parliamentary type at the territory of the former USSR. Administratively it is a quazi-confederation with autonomous region Gagauzia (Gagauz-Eri), and Pridnestrovian Moldavian republic which is not controlled by central government.

At the session the classes were devoted to work of a number of governmental agencies and different aspects of transformation period in Moldova. The participants met the mayor of Chisinau Dorin Chirtoacă and the head (bashkan) of Gagauzia Mihail Formuzal.

Within cultural programme of the session the students have visited the wine cellars Milestii Mici and ethnographic museum in Chisinau.

The visit to Moldova attracted attention of Belarusian and Moldovian mass media.


In September 2012 the third enrollment of the School of Young Managers in Public Administration would come close to graduation. Twenty participants would go in October to Sweden for the final session focused on the issue of public finance management.

Also in September the call for applications to the forth enrollment of the School would be announced. Follow the news at our web site.